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Magpul Ronin by vladimirpetkovic Magpul Ronin by vladimirpetkovic

This is my 3D representation of Magpul’s phenomenal new motorcycle – Ronin, that looks like Batman’s new toy. More information regarding the bike itself

Modeling done in 6 days. I didn’t have the technical drawings so I just eyeballed the design from the photos the best I could.

More renders here:…

Used programs:

– Maya (modeling)
– Cinema 4D (rendering)

Technical data:

– base poly count: 130,000.

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I like the look,  but you are going to have the exhaust blowing over the tire.  Also,  it's a pretty safe rule that you want the exhaust runners about the same length.  I only bring that up because it looked like you went out of the way to make the rear exhaust port runners actually longer for aesthetics.  Maybe suspension on the seat would be nice.  Anyways,  really like the radiator housing/front fork look.

Edit:  Just looked at the real life,  Notice how the rear exhaust is more of a 90 degree,  where yours is more of a 120 or so.  That would be the length deal.  Liked the bike,  got spastic,  didn't know you were working of a model. 
vladimirpetkovic Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, this is not my creation - I just tried to translate Magpul's existing motorcycle design in 3D, because I really like it. I don't know first thing about the mechanics though, so that's why I would never dare to do a design on my own.

Thanks for the critique.
Alchy-Mechinek Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
I love your maya modeling brosif,  only reason I commented.
vladimirpetkovic Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I appreciate the comment, now I know a bit more how this thing is suppose to function :) thanks.
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